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Posted by rogeliolt on 27-Jun-2011 09:39

Hi, I have a problem with progress report builder.

I make a report where y need to put a text of 7 or 10 lines, when I use the previous view, my report it's OK, but when I send this report to the printer, this report show me so diferent.

I serach for justify the text, but nothing, a change the rules, but nothing, I create a new report but nothing, zero...

Can you help me with this report, becouse I don´t know what can I do.

Thank you.

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Posted by Admin on 27-Jun-2011 12:54

What font are you using? Sounds like you are either using a font your printer does not like or you are actually using a printer font that get's simulated with a different font on the preview.

Can you switch to a true type font?

Posted by bdearborn on 27-Jun-2011 12:59


I am currently out of the office on business and will be returning to

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Posted by rogeliolt on 28-Jun-2011 09:25

mmmm.. ok.... I use the font by default... with a size of 9.

Posted by Admin on 28-Jun-2011 09:55

mmmm.. ok.... I use the font by default... with a size of 9.

And which font is it? And does it shot a TT or printer icon in front of the name?

Posted by rogeliolt on 29-Jun-2011 17:32

Sorry, the font by default is ARIAL and the size is 9.

I work with Laser Print and Inkjet Print.

when I print with de laser print, my report not have problem, but when I print whith inkjet, my report not is good.

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