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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 12-Aug-2011 17:51

So, today I got a package containing a colorful twisty USB hub.  It said Progress on it, so one guessed it has something to do with PSC, but the only clue as to why I was receiving this was a little square of paper that said that I could get a $500 discount on Revolution because I was a SupportLink customer, SupportLink being the new name of the on-line support offering.  So, one imagines that this mailing was in some way related to the transition to SupportLink, but there wasn't a thing in the package to tell me so.  There wasn't even anything about SupportLink on the back of the square.

I suppose this is another incarnation of Progress Who ... mystery mailings even when the person already knows about PSC.

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Posted by cverbiest on 12-Sep-2011 02:38

I watched the intro video twice because I got the mail on 2 email addresses, and I got 2 usb hubs.

So it's linked to that.

This weekend I got the mail that "Supportlink is live", after login on they ask for customer number or serial number .

After providing a serial number I got the message that my account, which I have been using for as long as Progress provides websupport, has to be reviewed.

I'd rather they didn't send USB hubs but made sure that the transition was painless, or at least that the kept the old system up and running until the accounts of exiting users are active.


Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 12-Sep-2011 11:14

I got a second hub as well and haven't watched any video.  I now have three from the last year or so ... could be the last one was from Exchange.  At least they should mix it up a bit.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 14-Sep-2011 17:56

What they should have at Revolution is a trade-in booth for all the stuff they send out.  I now have 4 PSC USB hubs .... and I'm not sure I need any of them.  A few memory sticks would be more useful!

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