Can you pass object as webservice method parameter?

Posted by jquerijero on 07-May-2012 14:51

I'm conneting to a WSDL based webservice using the CREATE SERVER methodology. I need to pass objects as parameter to the webservice method. Is this possible?

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 09-May-2012 11:39

Since objects can't pass over an AppServer boundry, it seems highly unlikely.  Is the other end even ABL?

Posted by gus on 09-May-2012 12:57

what web service requires objects as parameters?

What is the definition of these objects?

Who defines the objects?

What happens to them when the web service gets them?

Do the objects have methods that are supposed to function once the object has been passed to the web service?

How do you create the objects in the first place?

Posted by jquerijero on 09-May-2012 14:21

The websevice method I need to call has a class as one of its arguments.

It will look something like this;

RUN TransactionQuery IN hWebService

   (INPUT someClassInstance1,

    INPUT someClassInstance2,

    INPUT someClassInstance3,

    OUTPUT result).

Since the webservice uses XML for communication, I was wondering if you can do something to inject the necessary XML data into the SOAP as substitute to the object.

Or is this the same problem as the webservice that requires JAVA complex type?

Posted by gus on 10-May-2012 09:02

Sorry but you cannot do it. SOAP used to stand for "Simple Object Access Protocol" but they didn't really mean it. It isn't simple and it has nothing to do with objects (deliberately so). You will have to extract the data values from your objects and pass those.

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