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Posted by sdusty21 on 07-Aug-2013 16:07


I have a client who is an avid user of Open Edge/Architect and he asked me a question the other day, is there a free viewer that he could use to simply view his files?

He doesn't need to edit them on his laptop while traveling, so he doesn't need the full version, but something to open them up on the go would be awesome.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Posted by Admin on 08-Aug-2013 03:59

Eclipse? Fine for editing any text files.

Posted by sdusty21 on 09-Aug-2013 10:49

Hi Mike,Thanks for the reply!  Forgive my ignorance, could you give me some more information on Eclipse?  I took a look on Google and found but wasn't quite sure how this could be used to view .W files.Thanks again,Marc

Posted by Admin on 09-Aug-2013 11:24

Depends on your definition of "viewing" files.

The Eclipse SDK ( can open and edit any file (including .w) as text files. Of course you can't open them read only in the AppBuilder.

Posted by Peter Mellow on 16-Oct-2013 15:47

Eclipse is what OpenEdge Architect (now called Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge) is built on. Essentially, PDSOE is a plug-in to the Eclipse framework.

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