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Posted by Grant Holman on 04-Feb-2020 16:43


I'm considering subscribing to the OpenEdge Developer and Administrator Catalogs, primarily to help me self-train up from 9.1D (where my current experience ends) to 12.1.

This is not a trivial cost ($2,400), so I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has already done this and what their opinions of it are.  E.G. quality of material, value for money, whether I could find equivalent training from other free/less costly sources etc.



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Posted by Patrick Tingen on 05-Feb-2020 08:14

Depending on where you live, a normal instructor-led course easily adds up to €800 per day. So the subscription for one year of unlimited online courses is a bargain. I did the course 2 years ago and although I have to admit that not all courses were of the same quality, the content was well worth the cost. I am not sure how many courses I followed, but I think is was about ten or so.

Posted by Valeriy Bashkatov on 05-Feb-2020 08:47

Just my five cents.

I have been using Progress Education Community for many years for self-study. I like this type of training, when I can do it at any time convenient for me.

As for live (offline) courses with an instructor, they are too expensive for me.

However, unfortunately, Progress Education Community Online Courses have not been updated for a long time.  The latest courses are there for OpenEdge 11. There are no courses for OpenEdge 12.

In addition, there were "product update trainings" for each new version of OpenEdge, including for SP. This was very informative and allowed to quickly learn all the new things that appeared in OpenEdge. But unfortunately, the last product update trainings was for 11.7.2.

It's too bad that the PSC no longer spends time on this wonderful resource.

I know that now someone from Progress will say that they have created a new resource Progress Information Hub. But I want to say that this is good, and it is necessary (in terms of documentation). But it is also necessary to provide support for PEC, where more detailed examples in the form of courses and practical exercises show how to use the  Progress OpenEdge, as it was before.

Posted by Grant Holman on 11-Feb-2020 08:12

Thanks for the replies.

Posted by Francisco Morales López on 12-Feb-2020 03:38

There is also an educational edition "classrom", has the advantage that includes some courses and has a special version to install.

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