PDS Server view shows a PASOE instance stoped

Posted by lhgonzalez on 28-Jan-2020 22:30

On PDS Server view shows a PASOE instance stoped, but on OE Explorer is started, that problem begins with a crash in the adminservice, we restar the service but since then we cant publish from PDS.

OE 11.6.4

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Posted by Brahmayya Chowdari on 29-Jan-2020 12:42

Can you please try adding a new server instance in PDSOE server view and check the status.
Please check the catalina log and server instance log for any errors.

Posted by Ramadevi Dhavala on 29-Jan-2020 13:55


As far as i remember there was a bug for this status synchronization in 11.6.x. But if we right click on the pasoe server from PDSOE servers view and select start from the context menu, the server state must be changed to started then we can publish. Can you please check if this is the case with you?



Posted by lhgonzalez on 29-Jan-2020 18:16

Hi Brahmayya, i just did as you said but the other instance shows as stopped, but actualy is running ok , the problem is just in the PDSOE server view

Posted by Ravi Sankar on 30-Jan-2020 06:13

Could you stop the server from OE Explorer and start it from PDSOE?

Posted by lhgonzalez on 30-Jan-2020 18:11

it didnt work :(

Posted by Ravi Sankar on 31-Jan-2020 07:31

Sorry to hear. I think the only option is to create another PAS server as suggested by Brahma

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