installation of PROGRESS_OE_12.1_WIN_64_EVAL

Posted by gi1950 on 28-Jan-2020 18:30

I only downloaded I installed it and can't use it because ask me about serial number. It is a free downloaded for 60 day evaluate. Why ask me about serial number or how can I got it for 60 day.?

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Posted by ducity on 28-Jan-2020 21:33

The License Addendum and hence the serial number are usually available from the same location within the ESD. Could be a separate Tab.

Posted by gi1950 on 29-Jan-2020 00:09

Thanks for quick answer, but didn't  helped me. :-( I downloader from here  and I don't see tab where I can download serial number. :-(

Posted by ducity on 29-Jan-2020 02:29

After following the link, and logging in, I was taken to the Evaluation Download page. After accepting the T&C, the next page included a table of serial numbers and control codes, which are directly above the links to down load the software.

Posted by gi1950 on 30-Jan-2020 01:34

please send me direkt link to this table.

Posted by ducity on 30-Jan-2020 03:08  is the best I can do.

Posted by Ruben Dröge on 30-Jan-2020 05:08

Please go to ESD (, login with the ProgressID / same details you used before and there should be a license key.

Posted by Patty Haversat on 06-Feb-2020 15:37

Wondering if you've had success with this yet.  You should see the serial # & control codes on the same page where you find the product file for download.  If you were able to download, you should see the serial & control codes on that same page.  Please let us know if you're all set.  Thanks!

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