Migrating WebSpeed to PASOE

Posted by Neil Treeby on 23-Dec-2019 15:58

I'm starting to work on migrating our internal WebSpeed applications to PASOE.

We currently host 2 instances of our application (i.e. 2 WebSpeed agents) on the same server (it's an internal monitoring application which can point to either our US or Canada databases, which are hosted elsewhere on our local network).

Each instance shares the same source code and static resources (html, css, images, javascript).

So for example we have:

D:\monitor\progress <-- has ABL code; this is the PROPATH for our WebSpeed agents

D:\monitor\htdocs <-- has static HTML content with /css, /images, and /js sub-directories; Apache is pointed here as its root content directory.

So far it has been not a problem configuring the ABL Applications and ABL WebApps in PASOE to use the existing ABL code: just have 2 ABL Applications (1 for each database) and add D:\monitor\progress to the PROPATH.  This all works great and my WebSpeed pages show up when I go to http://server:port/webapp_name/web/page.p.

However the static content doesn't get loaded (which is what I'd expect, initially, since Tomcat doesn't know about it - and it's what I'm having trouble configuring).

I could always copy the static content into D:\monitor\pasoe\webapps\webapp_name\static, and change all the (relative) paths from e.g. "/css" to "/static/css" etc.  This is following the migration guide in the documentation.

...but, I don't want to do that.  I'd rather keep my relative paths as-is and keep my static files in D:\monitor\htdocs.

Is there any way to achieve what I'm after?  I don't want (or need) multiple copies of my static content on the same server.  Nor do I want to go through every page (static or ABL) and change relative paths.

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Posted by Stefan Drissen on 23-Dec-2019 16:42

For test environments we use a symbolic link (see mklink /J) to link the static content in the webapp to a Jenkins workspace directory located elsewhere.

Posted by egarcia on 23-Dec-2019 19:59


It sounds like you are moving the static resources to Tomcat in PASOE rather than keeping it in Apache.

I think that you can keep the static resources in Apache and just change the URLs to point to PASOE in the same way as you make it work with WebSpeed.

I hope this helps.

Posted by Roy Ellis on 23-Dec-2019 20:16

Hi Neil,

an old link, but I think it's still valid - using Tomcat's docBase=


Let us know, Roy

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