sendmail.p and working with external SMTP servers

Posted by on 19-Dec-2019 18:20

Has anyone figured out a way to connect to external SMTP servers such as gmail or yahoo within the sendmail.p program using STARTTLS or SSL to send emails?  

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Posted by bronco on 20-Dec-2019 07:39

Well, first I haven't. What I would is however is setup a local SMTP server with which to communicate non-securely and configure a relay to gmail/yahoo/whatever.

Posted by on 20-Dec-2019 14:56

We already have it working with our internal SMTP server, but we can control the connection.  It seems that gmail and yahoo want either a secure connection or a TLS connection.  I would love to be able to use sendmail.p to accomplish sending email through gmail or yahoo since we have this program in place and works great.

Posted by Peter Judge on 06-Jan-2020 16:10

What OE version are you using?

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Posted by on 27-Jan-2020 23:26

Just wondering if anyone has come up with a solution on how to send SMTP type emails via sendmail.p on Progress 11.7 through gmail or yahoo or outlook 365 services that require STARTTLS or SSL.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Posted by mollycms on 27-Jan-2020 23:52

We didn't work that out. There is a proxy (stunnel is one, there might be others) that I know people have used to go through secure connections that OpenEdge doesn't support. If you can send the mail from a Windows machine only (i.e. Clients sending from Windows and/or an AppServer/PASOE on Windows) you can use .Net Classes that handle this sort of connection for you. I know the last idea isn't a pure answer to your question but it might help.

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