Trying to learn the use of OpenEdge.Net stuff

Posted by goo on 03-Dec-2019 17:04


where apiURI and apiMethod gives a string like '

oUri = new OpenEdge.Net.URI(OpenEdge.Net.UriSchemeEnum:http,apiURI + apiMethod).

geting an error saying: 

parameter 1 of constructor URI is not type compatible .... why? probably a stupied question, but I as anyway.... 

Of course if I add 'http' instead, it works, but I thougth enum should be used like that? 

Not a good start to learn new stuff :-)

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Posted by goo on 03-Dec-2019 17:23

aaah, so the example was wrong... i need to put a string( ) around the enum .... not that cool, but what to do...

Posted by Peter Judge on 03-Dec-2019 17:26

Fair comment.
The reason why the schemes are characters/strings is because there are schemes that aren't standardised (AppServerDC, for example). But there should be some constructors that that the enum as a parameter. I've created OCTA-17932 for this.  If you want to, contact Tech Support and add yourself to that bug to make it a customer bug (not an internal one).
The existing constructors are listed at
-- peter

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