What is the best way to achieve project dependencies for two

Posted by slacroixak on 15-Oct-2019 16:50

Hi Forum     11.7.5 on windoz10

I want to deal with both APSV and WEB Transport for one app, so I made these 4 projects in the same Workspace, bound to one single git repository**:

1) Common Utilities for Error Handling, logging, or even common Business Logic, in a utils directory

2) DB Trigger sources in a triggers directory

3) APSV AppServer project targeting pasoe1 instance

4) WEB AppServer project also targeting pasoe1 instance

   ** project 1 might end up as a git submodule for other apps later...

Q1 : is it a good idea to make 3 and 4 target the same pasoe1 instance or would it be better to use a pasoe2 ?

Now, 3 and 4 depend on 1 and 2.  I have tried various ways, by making the propath of 3 and 4 refer to 1 and 2 as Workspace directories, but for the publishing process, only local directories of a project can be added to the Modules definition  (project properties/OpenEdge/Modules), and if I do not do this way, I have project 3 and 4 that build fine in the PDS, but cause many 293 errors in the pasoe1 instance.

So I have ended up with using symlinks (dos mklink command) to make the utils and triggers directory appear in 3 and 4 as if they were local directories to the project.  This way they end up correctly in war files.

Problem : my pasoe1 got messed up after changing a few classes of project 1, leading to a very busy AdmiService process too, and I am wondering if this is was due to that approach.  Perhaps I'd better not use symlinks and and extend the propath of the pasoe in its launcher configuration with entries refering to absolute path on disk, keeping in mind that any change in project 1 and 2 requires a restart of the pasoe

Hence this question :

Q2: what is the best (and simplest) way of achieving project dependencies so artefacts of 1 and 2 could easily end up in the war files of 3 and 4?

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