12.1 updated profiler missing from release notes

Posted by cverbiest on 08-Oct-2019 07:36

I can find any updates on the profiler in https://docs.progress.com/category/whats_new what's new in oe 12.1.

The release notes link seems to contain very little, only 8 issues resolved in 12.1 ?

There is a "view more" link but it does not work

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Posted by Oleg Kupershmidt on 08-Oct-2019 13:49

[mention:6e5d866d67d1447f8be4769c4267a1a1:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] Since this is for 12.1 that is now officially GA, please reach out to our Support or post on the public forum. CVP is focusing on the R&D towards future releases.

Posted by doa on 09-Oct-2019 08:38

I already posted about a similar issue in the public forum but got no answer as of now.


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