Stange error when using HTTP Client library

Posted by onnodehaan on 23-Sep-2019 09:22

When communicating with an internet application from our ERP system, I get this error. Knowledge base is pretty empty. What does it mean?

"[19/09/23@10:01:07.084+0200] P-060868 T-025124 1 AS LogMgrWrtr     [O.N.S.ClientSocket ERROR] ReadHandler: ERROR"

"[19/09/23@10:01:07.084+0200] P-060868 T-025124 1 AS LogMgrWrtr     Error(s) raised:"

"[19/09/23@10:01:07.084+0200] P-060868 T-025124 1 AS LogMgrWrtr     Connection failure for host port 443 transport TCP. (9407) (0)"

It's also no caught by the catch block that surround the calls, it seems. Any thoughts anyone?

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Posted by Ken McIntosh on 23-Sep-2019 11:36


What was the return code from http?  There is a known issue when the 204 code is returned which is caused by the httpclient code causing a timeout while in an infinite loop in the httpClient code.

This was logged as defect# OCTA-15336 and is in the hotfix process for 11.7.5 at the moment.

If you're getting a 204 return code you may want to contact Technical Support to report this and verify you're experiencing the same issue.

Ken Mc

Posted by onnodehaan on 26-Sep-2019 20:31

Hi Ken

Thanks for the lead! I will investigate this today!

Do you know where the iniitial O.N.S. stand for?

Posted by Peter Judge on 26-Sep-2019 20:44

The logging component shortens the name of the logger to reduce the verbosity (a little).

Posted by onnodehaan on 26-Sep-2019 20:49

Hi Peter

Aaaaaah! Makes sense!

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