Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge 12.1.0

Posted by Chandra Sekhar on 06-Sep-2019 07:15

 We are glad to announce the release of PASOE 12.1.0 docker image, which we will be posting to docker hub and Progress download center.

Progress is providing a bunch of deploy scripts for ease of use. These scripts will allow you to deploy applications in different deployment modes (Docker, Docker Compose, and Minikube). Scripts will be using sidecar approach for deployment.

If you plan to download the image from the Progress download center, then deploy scripts are provided by default in the deploy folder inside archive file.

And if you are pulling/downloading the image from docker hub, then you can download the deploy scripts attached in this post.

We have 12.1 PASOE sample application

Please refer to our official documentation for further details on how to make use of these scripts along with the PASOE docker image.


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