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Posted by beefhealy on 02-Aug-2019 14:35

Hi folks,

Any ideas on when the fix for this issue will be available? One of our developers came across this yesterday when a test was passing when it shouldn't have been. We place a lot of trust in our unit tests so this was a bit of a kick in the teeth for us. [:(]

There is a knowledge base entry but it doesn't provide any version information. We are running on Win32/Linux64 11.7.

I'd rather not have to refactor 1000+ tests to implement the workaround if it can be helped...


Posted by Matt Baker on 02-Aug-2019 22:37

The fix will be available in 11.7.6 and 12.2.

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 02-Aug-2019 14:44

This workaround is in the bug report...
Workaround is:
Use the overloaded Assert methods -
IsTrue (logical, character)
IsFalse (logical, character)
IsUnknown (logical, character)
using OpenEdge.Core.Assert.
define variable lVar as logical no-undo initial ?.
// Uncomment each method in turn and run the procedure.
//Assert:IsTrue(lVar, "IsTrue"). //isTrue is not true
//Assert:IsFalse(lVar, "IsFalse"). //IsFalse is not false
//Assert:IsUnknown(lVar, "IsUnknown"). //Succeeds.
Brian Maher
Principal Engineer, Technical Support
14 Oak Park | Bedford, MA 01730 | USA

Posted by Matt Baker on 02-Aug-2019 22:37

The fix will be available in 11.7.6 and 12.2.

Posted by beefhealy on 06-Aug-2019 15:50

Thanks Brian, but as mentioned in the original post it would require a significant time investment to go back over 1000+ tests to implement the work around. I'll sit tight and wait for the fix.

Posted by Matt Baker on 06-Aug-2019 20:06

Your other option is to copy and fix the Assert class and add it to your PROPATH with a until such time as a new OpenEdge version is available.

11.7.5 source is here:

12.0 source is here:

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