What have been done with the documentation for OpenEdge 12?

Posted by victorche on 18-Jun-2019 11:51

Hi guys!

I was looking for documentation for OpenEdge 12.0 and I found it, but I was shocked!

There is no more documentation in the usual form as it was in previous versions of OpenEdge. 

On new OpenEdge Information Hub nothing can be found, everything is very confusing, some pages do not work.

I downloaded the PDF version - it's a complete disaster for documentation. There is no index search for all documents. I see that they tried to reflect the subject of the document in its title, it turned out badly. Also, it looks like not all the documentation is there.

In Windows, the Help icon disappeared from the Start menu - this Help was always at hand and was useful, now it is not.

Why did they do all of this? It is no longer possible to work with this documentation.

Am I the only one who doesn't like it?


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Posted by Tim Hutchens on 18-Jun-2019 12:14

Hi Che,

There was a conversation about this a couple months ago here: community.progress.com/.../57388. A LOT of people felt similarly about the changes.

If you have specific recommendations, Progress folks said they were closely monitoring that thread for feedback.


Posted by jonathan.wilson on 18-Jun-2019 12:23

The "start.pdf" file would be nice again... the naming isn't too bad, but it's not easy to work with.  Well at least 12's DB is 3 times faster and the documentation is 3 times slower, all things remain in perfect balance.

Posted by Laura Stern on 18-Jun-2019 15:44

And as that other conversation says, all the books, as they were, are still available in 12:   docs.progress.com/.../bookshelf

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