OE 11.7.4 SP proinst log file seemed incomplete

Posted by dvoyat on 14-Jun-2019 14:35

Hi Just did a 11.7.4 service pack on top of an existing 11.7 on Linux server (RedHat 7.2). Setup (batch mode with install.ini) went ok and application looks working well too but when looking at log file it seemed incomplete. Below is the last line of log file.  

Start=[06-14-2019 12:24:25]
Finish=[06-14-2019 12:24:28]
Extension1=[06-14-2019 12:24:25] /progress/dlc117/bin/Fathomtlr.dll has been executed successfully.
Extension2=[06-14-2019 12:24:25] /progress/dlc117/bin/prodbgtlr.dll has been executed successfully.
[Post Cleanup Tailoring]
Start=[06-14-2019 12:24:28]
I was expected a Finish statement on the [Post Cleanup Tailoring] section. No error were generated, log file seem very ok and all Progress components seemed working well. I'm guessing it's a bug. I did it twice on differents server (what we are currently testing) and same happening. Anyone having seen that earlier ?

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