OE12 Editors - national letters problem

Posted by Andrzej.Sz on 06-Jun-2019 20:14

OE12, Win10 64-bit, installation languages: american (default) and polish, UTF-8 character set

Procedure Editor (AppBuilder application) doesn't accept national letters "ęóąśłżźćń ĘÓĄŚŁŻŹĆŃ" (Alt+ e,o,a,s,l,z,x,c,n,E,O,A,S,L,Z,X,C,N) from keyboard.

Example: Alt+z interprets like Ctrl+z. I can copy-paste letters of course.

DevStudio editor doesn't interpret Alt+c properly because it recognizes it like Ctrl+Alt+c command to compile current program.

How can I solve these conflicts?


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