Are there OpenEdge 12 courses available on

Posted by cverbiest on 29-May-2019 12:45

When I log on to the Progress web based training  I don't see any OpenEdge 12 offerings.

Will these be added ? Will the existing ones be updated ?

Or is wbt.progress replaced by the new documentation site

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Posted by Valeriy Bashkatov on 30-May-2019 09:09

I join this question. I think that is too chaotic, I don't like that.

I would like to use the usual convenient way to learn. For example, "Product Readiness/Update Training: Progress OpenEdge", the last one was for OE 11.7.2 - and it was very useful.  Unfortunately there was nothing else.

I really hope that at least "Product Readiness/Update Training: Progress OpenEdge" will be create for OE 12.x

Posted by cverbiest on 09-Aug-2019 14:52

[mention:a0a6f41de5ca4db4a1aa018193347b3d:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] Thank you for the info on the docker documentation discussion. May I bring this question to your attention ?

Posted by dmicozzi on 09-Aug-2019 18:48

We are discussing how best to create and deliver content similar to past product readiness training, It most likely won’t be a training course but we do see a need to deliver new feature content with demonstrations. Stay tuned.

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