restgen missing from OE 12 installation

Posted by Thomas Hansen on 06-May-2019 07:37

Is there a specific license needed for restgen to be installed on OE 12.0? 

We have several servers with OE 12.0 installed, inlcuding the Dev AS license - but all without the restgen script. 

Has anyone else had this problem? 

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Posted by Srinivas Munigala on 06-May-2019 10:17

restgen utility comes with Classic AppServer (i.e. OE Application Svr Ent) license. Since Classic AppServer is not part of 12.0.0, this tool will not be available.

If you have a use case without Classic AppServer, please do share the details. We will discuss with our Product Management.

Posted by Thomas Hansen on 06-May-2019 11:37

I thought restgen was used for generating the needed files to deploy REST applications on PASOE. Is this not correct?

Posted by Thomas Hansen on 07-May-2019 10:23

Is there a different approach to generating the REST applications for PASOE?

From what I can see, restgen mainly makes use of java classes from the oeide directory. A quick test of an OE 12.0 version of this comes up with errors - so I expect there are some dependencies missing that prevent his from being a solution.

Posted by Peter Judge on 07-May-2019 14:04

You can script the creation using the PaarGeneration Ant task. See for more.

Posted by Thomas Hansen on 07-May-2019 14:14

Thanks Peter!
Thomas Hansen
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