OpenEdge Management - Is there an easier way?

Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 23-Apr-2019 19:12

We have multiple versions of OpenEdge installed. 

Whenever a new version is installed, we have to remember to change the 'port' value in from something other than 6835 and then update the 'Remote AdminServer' in OEM. However, if you forget to change this port, OEM reads whatever is running on the default port of 6835. Okay. No problem. But once you change this value to say 6836, OEM has trouble "forgetting" the configuration that it read in from 6835 and you have to manually remove each invalid entry. Or, sometimes you cannot remove them at all because a null-pointer exception is thrown when trying to select one to remove.

So, before we reinstall (again), is there a way to correct this?

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Posted by Torben on 24-Apr-2019 09:33

We are also installing multiple versions, and port re-configuration is slightly different between versions, so a 'Port Reconfiguration Utility' to reconfigure admin and management ports would be greatly appreciated (that also apply new ports to shortcuts etc)

Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 24-Apr-2019 11:11

On one of our servers, the OEM 12 installation has read in the config from our OE 11 installation and we can't make those go away.

Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 24-Apr-2019 17:55

Is there anyway to prevent OEM 12 from picking up the config from the OE 11 installation?

We tried reinstalling with the OE 11 Adminserver disabled but it still managed to grab the entries from the default port.

If not, is there any way to delete the entries that it created?

Posted by Chandra Sekhar on 26-Apr-2019 07:29

We have a feature in product backlog to customise/configure ports while installation.

Is there any way to delete the entries that it created?

Yes, please  “Delete the content in $OEM/work/configdb”

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