proshut called from jenkins gives error 1423 for a running d

Posted by cverbiest on 18-Apr-2019 11:53


I'm trying to replace a local database from within a Jenkins pipeline.

The database may or may not be running (eclipse PDSOE autostarted) so I added a proshut target to my ant build.

This works fine in an interactive session but fails when run from a jenkins agent

I have following target in an ant build file

   <target name="database_proshut" >

        <echo>Shutdown ${localdatadir}/${dbName}/${dbName}</echo>
        <exec dir="${localdatadir}/${dbName}" executable="${progress.DLC}/bin/_mprshut">
            <env key="DLC" value="${progress.DLC}" />
            <arg value="${dbName}" />
            <arg value="-by"/>


  • Windows 10
  • OpenEdge 11.7.4
  • Jenkins agent running as a service using same credentials as interactive session

If I execute this from the command line it works fine

C:\Users\cvb>ant -f git/ccesmarttools/CceSmartTools/files/devtools/buildnightly/build.xml -Dbasedir=. -Ddumptemp=c:\temp -Dlocaldatadir=c:/cce/localdata -DdbName=LISA database_proshut
Buildfile: C:\Users\cvb\git\ccesmarttools\CceSmartTools\files\devtools\buildnightly\build.xml

     [echo] Shutdown c:/cce/localdata/LISA/LISA
     [exec] Shutdown is executing. (1613)
     [exec] Shutdown complete. (1614)

Total time: 6 seconds

Execute from within jenkins

The jenkins agent is running a a server, the server is running with the same credentials as the interactive session.

Running in Durability level: MAX_SURVIVABILITY
[Pipeline] Start of Pipeline
[Pipeline] echo
Will create local databases on port_cvb
[Pipeline] node
Running on CVB portable in C:\Users\cvb\jenkins_data\workspace\laptop localdatabase
[Pipeline] {
[Pipeline] dir
Running in c:\Users\cvb
[Pipeline] {
[Pipeline] stage
[Pipeline] { (Create db)
[Pipeline] isUnix
[Pipeline] tool
[Pipeline] bat

c:\Users\cvb>ant -f git/ccesmarttools/CceSmartTools/files/devtools/buildnightly/build.xml -Dbasedir=. -Ddumptemp=c:\temp -Dlocaldatadir=c:/cce/localdata -DdbName=LISA database_proshut 
Buildfile: c:\Users\cvb\git\ccesmarttools\CceSmartTools\files\devtools\buildnightly\build.xml

     [echo] Shutdown c:/cce/localdata/LISA/LISA
     [exec] There is no server for database LISA. (1423)
     [exec] Result: 8

Total time: 0 seconds
[Pipeline] }
[Pipeline] // stage
[Pipeline] }
[Pipeline] // dir
[Pipeline] }
[Pipeline] // node
[Pipeline] End of Pipeline
Finished: SUCCESS

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Posted by Stefan Drissen on 23-Apr-2019 08:08

I do not know why _mproshut is failing, we stop / start databases from Jenkins using dbman with a sleep loop detecting .lk detection:

<macrodef name="dbman">
		<attribute name="name" />
		<attribute name="name.ext" default="" />
		<attribute name="action" default="start" />
		<attribute name="progress" />
		<attribute name="failonerror" default="false" />

		<sequential xmlns:if="ant:if">

			<local name="dlc" />
			<property name="dlc" value="c:\progress\oe@{progress}" if:set="" />
			<property name="dlc" value="/opt/progress/oe@{progress}" if:set="os.linux" />

			<set-bat-extension />

			<exec executable="${dlc}/bin/dbman${bat}" failonerror="@{failonerror}">
				<env key="DLC" value="${dlc}" />
				<arg value="-@{action}" />
				<arg value="-db" />
				<arg value="db${exact.release.short}@{name}@{name.ext}${build.type}" />



		<echo message="stopping databases" />

			<dbman progress="11.7" name="exactcs" action="stop" />
			<dbman progress="11.7" name="edis" action="stop" />

		<waitfor maxwait="60" maxwaitunit="second">
					<available file="${working.dir}/db/" />
					<available file="${working.dir}/db/" />

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