PCT test.xml test ant task running forever

Posted by lukezhang on 17-Apr-2019 20:08

This is my first time using this forum, and I was trying to find a pct community group but I couldn't find one. If this is the wrong place, please me let me know and I'll move my question

My question is what is going on with my PCT ant task. My coworker has tried building the test.xml ant task on his computer and it builds in about five minutes, but I've run my task for over 2 hours yet it still hasn't finished. I've tried copying his exact PCT files and recloning from the github pct directories, but no luck. I've been stuck at this for several days. If anyone has any suggestions of things to try that would be much appreciated

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Posted by Matt Baker on 07-Jun-2019 18:40

[mention:f0668804e0e740dd872f501c6ac7df92:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]  usually monitors the forums so Guilles may respond himself. It's the weekend over in France so be patient.

Otherwise, you can try posting an issue on the PCT community here: github.com/.../issues

Why do you need to clone the repository? Are you thinking of contributing?  if not, then you can fetch the most recent release from here: github.com/.../releases and avoid building it.

if you are using OpenEdge 12.0, then there is a copy of PCT that ships with OpenEdge in $DLC/pct that you can use in lieue of downloading and building it yourself.

Posted by dbeavon on 07-Jun-2019 19:11

Matt, it looks like lukezhang is being patient.  He posted his question back in April.

I'm not sure why, but these community forums have had a problem in recent weeks where they keep resending a ton of alerts for outdated posts. I doubt this is a "feature".  (... although maybe in this case lukezhang will benefit from renewed interest in his PCT issue :-)

Posted by Matt Baker on 07-Jun-2019 19:19

hmm.  need to go find someone to mention this to.  thanks for pointing it out.

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