OpenEdge 12.0 | Has the ABL been improved? Are there new key

Posted by onnodehaan on 22-Mar-2019 20:19

Hi guys

I've been searching on the Progress website and forums, but can't find any new syntex, keywords or improvement to the core ABL languague. That seems a bit odd to me; so I just thought I'd ask.

Has the language been improved in OpenEdge 12.0?

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Posted by Kris Murphy on 22-Mar-2019 20:28

Hi -

We have a new OpenEdge Information Hub where you can find that informaiton.  Please check it out:

In the meantime, here is a link to the New in OpenEdge 12.0 content.  You'll find what you're looking for in there.


Posted by Peter Judge on 25-Mar-2019 13:38

My favourite new thing in the ABL is the MemoryOutputStream class -  .
This is an object version of a resizable MEMPTR (we use them a *lot* in the HTTP client/webhandler classes) and is _much_ faster than doing the resizing etc in ABL.

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