PAS, Docker, Letsencrypt and load-balancing/fail over

Posted by bronco on 19-Mar-2019 07:25

Sorry for the shameless plug. 

I re-organized my docker4oe github repo quite a bit. It now incorporates a setup to build a Docker (compose) environment where Apache is used as a load balancer for 3 identical PAS instances, which also addresses fail over. For secure communication I included Letsencrypt certbot which makes it possible to get (and renew) a free certificate without too much hassle. For this, you do need a (sub)domain which you can point at a host you have full access to.

The repo is located at

The specific of PAS load balanced are in:

I hope you appreciate my effort to share this. Have fun trying.



PS I tested everything on Windows 10 (1809). If there are issues on other OS's feel free to create a github issue. If they are Mac related I will not be able to fix them :-)

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