How to consume ABL SOAP Web Service

Posted by Joey Samoy on 22-Feb-2019 16:57


Having an ABL web service and an ABL client, I can connect successfully and call the procedures.

But, how to do the same with JS or C#? Connect and then run the procedure. How would you handle the output parameter (dataset, temp-table, etc) of the procedures?


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Posted by bronco on 26-Feb-2019 18:45

What do you mean by an ABL webservice? I assuming you mean you have a .p on an AppServer and you call that after a connect to that appserver on the client.

Now for C# you can use the .NET OpenClient. For JS matters are a bit more complicated because you have either a REST service (which involves Tomcat), of an implementation of the Web Transport (PAS for OE only).

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