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Posted by kenbobhampton on 02-Jan-2019 18:03


I am a Sr. Software Engineer working for Hampton Lumber in Portland Oregon. We use an OpenEdge program called LumberTrack as a very functional CRM/ERP tool for our sales and reporting. I'm attempting to write some automated tests to help us with new versions to ensure that LumberTrack has not regressed.

We are attempting to use Ranorex as our automated test platform but there are some interactions that are confusing and I'm hoping the Progress Community can shed some light.

First some background.  If you are not aware, Ranorex is a powerful testing platform that runs in an elevated mode and uses C# and dot-net reflection to interrogate the prowin.exe UI to provide record and playback capability for high-level UI testing. 

It actually works great except for a top-level modal dialog box that is being created that won't paint completely and hangs the app. Has anyone been successful using Ranorex, or any other automated test tool for OpenEdge application testing?  

Can anyone shed light on a misbehaving modal dialog box interacting with Ranorex?  The program runs fine when not running under test. 

Thanks in advance for any help and I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!


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Posted by kenbobhampton on 03-Jan-2019 20:01

Here's a link to a video I created with narration to describe what I'm seeing.

Posted by Mike Fechner on 03-Jan-2019 21:07

Do you know how that DialogBox is implemented? In your video the term "WindowContainer" pops up which let's me think that you're using a mix of GUI for .NET and classic ABL GUI in an embedded fashion. If your UI testing tool is based on .NET reflection, that might be the problem. Once the Form layout contains the WindowContainer and thus a classic ABL window, it will be blind.

Posted by kenbobhampton on 04-Jan-2019 00:06

I don't know how it's implemented. Unfortunately, we didn't write LumberTrack, so I don't know. I'll be working with Ranorex tomorrow. They think there is a setting that we need to tweak. I'll try and give a report if and when we get things working.

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