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Posted by Dominik Loewenstein on 22-Nov-2018 08:07

I get this error when i try to run sqlexp with a network shared license, anyone knows what to do?
(dlc is installed in a network path)

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Posted by Paul Koufalis on 22-Nov-2018 13:01

Did you run netsetup on the local PC ?

I still say use Squirrel instead. All you need to do is install Squirrel and follow the instructions here:


Posted by bronco on 22-Nov-2018 15:32

And if you follow Paul's advise but are suspicious about products called after an animal, may I suggest DBeaver? :-)

Posted by Paul Koufalis on 22-Nov-2018 15:39

Hey I'm Canadian. I should be using DBeaver too !!

Posted by Dominik Loewenstein on 23-Nov-2018 07:33

The problem is that this installation not even has java, so no tiny beaver and squirrel can help me at the moment. And i can't install everything i want to on the customer machines

Posted by Tinco on 23-Nov-2018 08:35

Hi Dominik,

On Windows you could also use ODBC and powershell as I described on:

sqlexp is a java utility and therefore requires the java provided with the OpenEdge installation, if you want me or one of my colleagues from our technical support department to have a closer look at the used configuration then do not hesitate to open a technical support case.

Hopes this helps,

Tinco  van Engen

Technical Support Progress Software

Posted by Tinco on 23-Nov-2018 08:41

Actually, just let me know if you want to open a support case, and I will open the support case for you

Posted by Dominik Loewenstein on 26-Nov-2018 09:00

Connection via ODBC sounds good for me, is the driver part of the netsetup?

Posted by 2087 on 26-Nov-2018 09:04

Yes it is.

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