Logging year in yyyy format - parsing logs with Zabbix

Posted by rattkin on 19-Oct-2018 01:56

We are automatically parsing log files and we get an instant notification, if log files contain an ** exception, or any error message like thus: (1234)

This is very handy in spotting problems sooner than our customer does.

However, Progress seems to insist that the year should be in yy format. Does anyone remember the y2k?


This causes problems with automatic parsing of log files, every logging tool expects year in yyyy format.

Is there a way to set industry standard yyyy format for year?

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Posted by Matt Gilarde on 19-Oct-2018 07:11

There isn't a way to force logging of the year in the yyyy format.

Posted by rattkin on 19-Oct-2018 07:25

Thank you for answer. Were do I submit bugs?

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