Unable to open data administrator or prown32 - _prostar.p Da

Posted by Sachin Acharya on 17-Oct-2018 22:06

HI Everyone,

 OpenEdge version 10.1C.

When I try too start prowin32 or database administrator I am getting the following error.

"_prostar.p Database shop not connected (1006)". 

Any idea how to troubleshoot the error. I was able to connect to database and everything was working fine. I tried to connect a database "encompix" by changing the logical name to "shop" after which I was getting the above mentioned error.



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Posted by 2087 on 19-Oct-2018 06:06

I've no experience on _prostar.p.
Perhaps your _prostar.p has been edited and compiled against the shop database - the _prostar.p I have does not access a database.

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