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Posted by Blake Stanford on 01-Oct-2018 10:06

We are getting ready to convert from Classic AppServer to PASOE.  I'm wondering what others who are using PASOE in a production environment are using to monitor and manage their PASOE instances.  For our Classic AppServer we use a combination for custom scripts and a custom program to monitor and manage our productions AppServers,  for obvious reasons they won't work with PASOE.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  

NOTE: We will be using 11.7+ and mostly UNIX for our production systems.

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Posted by Irfan on 01-Oct-2018 11:15

Hi Blake,

I can point you to one of the tool(oejmx) that is command line and suitable to be used in Production for PASOE. You can perform both "tomcat manager " and PASOE Management API's using jmx by this tool.

More information about this tool can be found in the last section of this doc -

Posted by jankeir on 02-Oct-2018 02:00

I have recently added (still limited)  support for monitoring PASOE to oesnmp and just pushed it to It can exposes metrics from the oemanager rest api through snmp so that they can be consumed by the monitoring system of your choice. We use it with zabbix, templates for zabbix are included (I also added a template for the jmx metrics that are attributes, these are mostly Tomcat specific. Most of the PASOE-specific jmx metrics can only be obtained through method calls which can not be monitored by zabbix.)

It can be a challenge to set up the first time but I think it is well worth it.

Posted by James Palmer on 02-Oct-2018 03:55

ProTop can monitor both Classic AppServer and PASOE, along with your databases and other bits and pieces.

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