DotNet Client VS2017 OE 1107 Appserver connection fails.

Posted by philreed on 21-Sep-2018 06:28

Anyone had any issues with Dotnet VS 2017 and OE 11.7 ?

Using the 11.5 progress DLLs in the DotNet Application work fine .

Using 11.7 Progress DLLs result in 'Incomplete Client request 8020' message in the appserver log.

We need to use 11.7 in order to use TLSv1.2 SSL protocol for the appserver connection.

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 21-Sep-2018 06:34

Can you please open an official support case then give me the case number?  I can help you with this.
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Posted by Laura Stern on 21-Sep-2018 07:26

Do you know we have an outstanding RFA regarding getting TLS 1.2 support in 11.7, right?  I am currently working on it with Microsoft.

Though this does not relate to the error he is seeing.


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Posted by philreed on 21-Sep-2018 09:00

Thanks Brian , case raised 00459498

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