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Posted by dredshaw@styleman on 21-Aug-2018 06:31

Hi all,

I'm using OE11.7 to create an XML file that I post to a third party API that contains a customers product information.

In the XML file, I need to create elements that point at images held in the customers Dropbox shared Images folder.

No matter how I try, I cannot build a URL that allows me access to the individual images in the customer's shared Dropbox folder.

Has anyone experience of this, and has figured out what the format of the Dropbox image URL is?

Thanks in anticipation,


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Posted by Peter Judge on 21-Aug-2018 08:32

The Dropbox API docs at have  list_folder and download (and download_zip for a whole folder) endpoints.
for details of those operations.

Posted by dredshaw@styleman on 21-Aug-2018 09:00

Thanks Peter

I've run this though the Dropbox API Explorer, and got a response, but how does the response relate to direct access URL?

For instance, I get this for the first entry:

"entries": [


     ".tag": "file",

     "name": "ADM11J06A.jpg",

     "path_lower": "/images/adm11j06a.jpg",

     "path_display": "/Images/ADM11J06A.jpg",

     "parent_shared_folder_id": "3738148896",

     "id": "id:l1YBCADybmAAAAAAAAAAIQ",

     "client_modified": "2018-08-16T10:30:22Z",

     "server_modified": "2018-08-16T10:30:22Z",

     "rev": "5decfa020",

     "size": 5819,

     "sharing_info": {

       "read_only": false,

       "parent_shared_folder_id": "3738148896",

       "modified_by": "dbid:AADqiAKm-tATtduRl5Kt1e0CV0b3k5BvCmo"


     "content_hash": "7ad2af1da780752315b2382669719077c692c99e4ec3e4dbf57d2a501ed29a65"


which is perfectly correct for the first entry in my Images folder.

How do I assemble a URL from this information that will allow a public user to access this file directly from a third party server?

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