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Posted by kuhles on 13-Aug-2018 01:59

I have an openedge edge database version 10.2A and I want to create a REST Web Application, however I realized that I couldn't create a REST project in The Openedge Architecture(equivalent to developer Studio but older version), So I got my hands on Version 11.5 now I can create a REST protect even though I still cant see a (Web Application) Project type  .

My big question is, Can I connect my 10.2A Openedge database to this 11.5 progress Developer Studio?

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Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 13-Aug-2018 02:06

You can convert existing OpenEdge 10.x database to OpenEdge 11.x  and then use the same database to connect to the project. Here are couple of KB articles on how to convert the database from 10.x to 11.x
Hope this helps,

Posted by mollyfed on 13-Aug-2018 02:37

Yes you can. The rule is a client can connect 1 major release back ( You would need to connect client/server though. Shared Memory connections only work when the release is exactly the same (i.e. 11.6.3 can only shared memory connect from 11.6.3).


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