MD5 use for comparing builds

Posted by pdbibby on 03-Aug-2018 11:08

When using MD5 for comparing builds to generate a minimum size hotfix build we are getting some odd results.
Using Bamboo with git & OE102b

After each compile I create a list of all files with their md5-value and crc-table-list.
After the hotfix build compile, i compare the old MD5 list with a new list and add the changed or new code to then hotfix library.

Whilst all the changed code is flagged, there are a number of pieces of code that shouldnt be.
Its inconsistant in that theres a mix of pcode and wcode represented and also files with and without db access.

I managed to eliminate a number of files as the _Sequence crc was different, but that doesnt explain the rest.

Any clues as to what I can check next.

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