How do you change the Configuration Variable value of DLC on

Posted by jquerijero on 25-Jul-2018 13:51

I upgraded my workspace to 11.7 and I need to change anything that points to 11.6. One of them is in Configuration Variable. Is there a backdoor to change the value of DLC variable in PDSOE? 

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Posted by Matt Baker on 25-Jul-2018 15:15

For a run config?  Open the run config edit dialog and there is a version option there.  Otherwise, it is just an XML file. Save it to the workspace on the environment tab and open it in a text editor.

Posted by jquerijero on 25-Jul-2018 15:23

It's the value in Preferences -> Progress OpenEdge -> Configuration Variable

Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 30-Jul-2018 08:40

The DLC configuration variable under PSD OE’s preferences cannot be editable. This value will be updated dynamically based on PDS OE’s DLC path. Suppose If we launch 11.7 PDS OE in 11.6 workspace, then DLC will automatically point to 11.7 DLC path.
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