Ubroker.proprties file reverts and doesn't keep changes

Posted by carlos.lopez on 05-Jul-2018 14:48

We have  Progress version 11.1 and it is installed on linux. when we want to change the content of the file this changes after reboot th sytem.

Steps we reproduce:

1.-Stop Admin Server
2.- Edit the file
3.- Save the file
4.- Start the Admin Server
5.- Verify if changes were made.

Does anyone have some ideas on how to keep the changes before restarting the machine?


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Posted by Matt Baker on 05-Jul-2018 14:50

What file are you asking about?

Posted by carlos.lopez on 05-Jul-2018 16:45

Hi the ubroker.properties file, this one when its edited with the admin server stoped and then restarted we saw that this file revert the changes.


Posted by Matt Baker on 05-Jul-2018 17:06

Only thing I can think of is that your manual changes were invalid so they weren't read by the adminserver, and the old ones were rewritten to disk on the next change.  I found one bug ADAS-3963 (old number: PSC00361596)  that is similar where adding an invalid property can result in some properties not being saved on next change.

I suggest you call tech support to see if you can get a reproducible together for development to look into.

Posted by carlos.lopez on 09-Jul-2018 09:20

thank you I will do that

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