Webspeed IIS 8.0 configuration

Posted by goo on 02-Jul-2018 07:37


I am able to run webspeed workshop using cgiip.wsc, but not cgiip.exe, and when I compile a test cgi-wrapper, I am able to compile but when running, I get the code visible not the page. 

I remember having seen this problem for a while ago, but can't remember what the issue was.



&ANALYZE-SUSPEND _VERSION-NUMBER AB_v10r12 &ANALYZE-RESUME &ANALYZE-SUSPEND _UIB-CODE-BLOCK _CUSTOM _DEFINITIONS Procedure /*------------------------------------------------------------------------ File: Description: Input Parameters:  Output Parameters:  Author: Created: ------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* This .W file was created with the Progress AppBuilder. */ /*----------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Create an unnamed pool to store all the widgets created by this procedure. This is a good default which assures that this procedure's triggers and internal procedures will execute in this procedure's storage, and that proper cleanup will occur on deletion of the procedure. */ CREATE WIDGET-POOL. /* *************************** Definitions ************************** */ /* Parameters Definitions --- */ /* Local Variable Definitions --- */ /* _UIB-CODE-BLOCK-END */ &ANALYZE-RESUME &ANALYZE-SUSPEND _UIB-PREPROCESSOR-BLOCK /* ******************** Preprocessor Definitions ******************** */ &Scoped-define PROCEDURE-TYPE Procedure &Scoped-define DB-AWARE no /* _UIB-PREPROCESSOR-BLOCK-END */ &ANALYZE-RESUME /* *********************** Procedure Settings ************************ */ &ANALYZE-SUSPEND _PROCEDURE-SETTINGS /* Settings for THIS-PROCEDURE Type: Procedure Allow: Frames: 0 Add Fields to: Neither Other Settings: CODE-ONLY */ &ANALYZE-RESUME _END-PROCEDURE-SETTINGS /* ************************* Create Window ************************** */ &ANALYZE-SUSPEND _CREATE

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Posted by goo on 02-Jul-2018 07:44

I found that *.exe under Managed handlers was not configured correct. After fixing that, I was able to run

both localhost/.../workshop

and localhost/.../workshop



still gives me only code...

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