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Posted by rfollensbee22 on 21-Jun-2018 15:43

Hi All,

Been working trying to get OE installed correctly on a 2016 Server Core VM. I'm aware it's not certified, but I'm curious about the Progress KB regarding Server Core Certification. Do these get updated if information changes? or new KB's written?

The KB States that .NET is not supported in Server Core, but that doesn't seem to be the case:

Also Server 2016 doesn't allow for conversion from GUI to Core or Vice Versa:

Just want to make sure I have the right info as I'm in the realm of uncertified OS's anyway. 

Thanks Everyone

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Posted by Tinco on 22-Jun-2018 02:58


The kb article says that .Net is not present (by default) on a (new) Windows core installation, not that .Net cannot be installed after a fresh Windows server core installation.

The procedure to install .Net 3.5 is described for example on: (not tested it myself on Windows 2016, as I remember instructions like this used to work fine under Windows 2008 R2 server core)

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Posted by rfollensbee22 on 22-Jun-2018 07:09

Thanks for the info Tinco. I guess my interpretation of "Not Present" in the KB was "Unavailable, Period", which as we've both found is not the case, so maybe it's just me then.

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