OE 11.7.2 in Windows Server Core on Windows Docker

Posted by rfollensbee22 on 12-Jun-2018 16:07

Just another check to see if anyone has successfully gotten OE to install correctly in a Windows Server Core container using Docker. Last post I see regarding this is from January with no responses: https://community.progress.com/community_groups/openedge_general/f/26/t/36953

I know it's still not Certified, just trying to avoid a Linux container right now.

I've gotten OE to seemingly install, but it's not creating all files like the fathom.properties, there's a jvmstart error in the event viewer, adminserverplugins.properties is missing some config, etc.

Just curious who may have gotten this working or has any suggestions.


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Posted by Matt Baker on 12-Jun-2018 17:03

If adminserverplugins.properties is missing some sections it means some of the tailoring steps failed.  Check the logs in $DLC/install/ and the subdirectories.  Should have some messages on what failed.

Posted by Tinco on 13-Jun-2018 02:31


Windows server core is not supported or tested with OpenEdge products:


Probably the issue is related to a missing Windows component on the Windows server core installation on the hyper-V virtual machine used by the docker container and not something caused by a Docker related issue.

The best way to troubleshoot this would be to do a Windows server core (and not a regular default full Windows server version of Windows) installation in a standalone virtual machine and investigate the adminserver issue on that virtual machine running Windows server core. Once the silent OpenEdge installation and the adminserver works fine on the standalone virtual machine then the batch scripts and the Windows core configuration (the added missing Windows components) used in the virtual machine can then probably be used for a Docker container where the adminserver works fine.  

Hope this helps,


Posted by rfollensbee22 on 13-Jun-2018 07:13

Thanks for the tips Matt, I'll dig through those.

Posted by rfollensbee22 on 13-Jun-2018 13:57

Compared all the tailoring logs with a functioning 11.7.2 install and didn't see any differences unfortunately. Looks like I'll have to run through Tinco's suggestions when I have some time.

Posted by dbeavon on 30-Nov-2018 21:27

Any luck running OE products in a Docker container on Windows?  I'd love to hear how it goes.  I know Progress is working on allowing PASOE to run in a Linux docker container, but I don't think any time has been spent on the Windows side of things.

It takes 1-2 days to work with our server team and fully configure a PASOE server on Windows, and I think that could get trimmed down to 1-2 hours if we could use docker.  Additionally, there are lots of error-prone steps (editing oepas1/conf files) after deploying new web apps.  These could all be streamlined, and automated.

I'm eager to hear if anyone has gotten OE products, like PASOE, to run on Windows Docker.  I would probably look into it myself if we got any encouraging news from someone else who has tried this.

Posted by Mike Fechner on 30-Nov-2018 22:30

We’re using the 11.7.4 Linux Docker Image from Progress Software with PASOE successfully on a Windows host.

Posted by dbeavon on 01-Dec-2018 01:56

That is pretty exciting.  I'll keep that in mind as a possibility.  Is it supported by either Microsoft or Progress?

We are migrating our classic OE appserver environment from HPUX to windows, and jumped right into the windows versions of the OE products.  I wonder if your option would be an even simpler one for migration. (Regardless of whether it is easier, it would still need to be fully supported as well).

Of course it would be a compromise to use linux containers.  I was getting really excited about using the clr bridge now that we are on windows (to fill a wide range of holes in the ABL programming framework).  I cannot imagine the clr bridge would work when hosting PASOE in a linux docker image.  Maybe if Progress creates a "core bridge" one day...

What about windows docker containers for windows?  Are these on the roadmap at all?  Is it possible for a PASOE customer to get this working without the involvement of Progress?

Posted by dbeavon on 01-Dec-2018 16:55

I did a little more reading, and I think I'm up to speed now.  It sounds like everyone is waiting for Progress to certify Windows Core.  Until that is done, using Windows Docker containers probably won't go very smoothly.  Here is the KB about support for Windows Core: knowledgebase.progress.com/.../000041790

It would be nice to hear if there is a Progress roadmap for using windows docker containers.  It would also be interesting to hear what the challenges are.  I think all the technologies beneath PASOE and adminserver should be compatible.  I suppose it is just a matter of working out the kinks.  If there is ever an early adopter program for this, I'd be happy to participate.  There is a huge ROI.  Even in the development environment alone there would be benefits.  Imagine all the developers on a team being able to share the same set of docker images, instead of jumping thru the (manual and error-prone) hoops of installing and configuring PASOE.

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