This is a test. Please do not respond to Carol or Kermit ;)

Posted by kermit11 on 11-Jun-2018 15:20

This is a test.  Please do not respond to Carol or Kermit ;)  Thank you.

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Posted by mollyfed on 11-Jun-2018 15:59

Okay. Definitely won't reply for any reason!

Posted by gus bjorklund on 12-Jun-2018 16:38

the test has failed.

Posted by mollyfed on 12-Jun-2018 19:42

No offense, but I blame you for replying! I clear stated I wouldn't reply but you had to go rogue and reply. Very disappointing! ;-)

Posted by bronco on 13-Jun-2018 03:07

Maybe we should make a separate Community Group called "No Reply" so everyone can not reply.

Posted by James Palmer on 13-Jun-2018 03:41

[quote user="gus bjorklund"]

the test has failed.


In which case, it was a good test. 

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