What leads to error (9088)?

Posted by ChUIMonster on 11-Jun-2018 13:45

I know that this error:

    proxml.dll or libproxml.so is missing or complete or xls cannot be initialized (9088)

is generally because %DLC%\bin\proxml.dll is missing.

What I am wondering is *why* is it missing?  For instance, are there paths through the installer that result in it not being installed?

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Posted by jmls on 11-Jun-2018 14:06

xml was deprecated years ago. :)

Perhaps Progress is trying to make you modernise your application by forcing you to use their fully-featured json object parser and builders.

oh .. wait ...

Posted by ChUIMonster on 11-Jun-2018 14:33

I knew I could count on you!

Sadly I still have to support v9.  Which I still prefer to supporting Windows ;)  Not that I have much say in either matter.  (I have lots *to* say.  I just don't have much power to actually change things in certain places.)

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