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Posted by ChUIMonster on 22-May-2018 16:54

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 22-May-2018 16:58

The Version 8 doc set? [:)]
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Update from Progress Community


Look at the "related topics" - does anyone else notice anything missing?

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Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 22-May-2018 16:59

I don't even see "related topics" on that page so I'm not sure what you're referring to.

Did you mean "related tags"?

Posted by ChUIMonster on 22-May-2018 17:00

Yes, sorry, "related tags".

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 22-May-2018 17:07

I don't know.  I don't find tag clouds particularly helpful so I tend to ignore them.

Posted by ChUIMonster on 22-May-2018 17:27

I'm not sure how it is being generated but the emphasis on v9 and oe10 in 2018 is kind of striking.

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 22-May-2018 17:37

It might just be that those versions have existed longer so there are more threads/posts/whatever tagged for them, so they bubble up more prominently in a tag cloud than the more recent 11.x releases.  I don't think anyone made a conscious effort to emphasize anything.

When I visit "the 1329 page", I know what I'm looking for and it appears front and centre on the page.  On my monitor, the tag cloud is below the fold.  I can't even see it until I scroll down.  

Yes, it has tags for old versions and not new ones.  You'll note that the tag cloud on this page has different content.  It features 10.2B, which was long-lived, and 11.4, which was not.  This is an example of why I don't pay attention to tag clouds.

Posted by James Palmer on 23-May-2018 03:32

I suspect it was manually generated and never updated.

Posted by Rob Straight on 23-May-2018 08:22

I'm not 100% clear on how the Related Tags section is generated- it may go on the frequency of earlier searches. We have a lot of historical searches for older versions, which would tend to skew the results.

Note that there is an internal initiative to re-architect how we would like to deliver content in the future. This covers a wide variety of topic areas, but tagging and search are certainly a part of that. In the end, we do not always make it easy to quickly locate the content someone is interested in, and we will take steps to make improvements to that over time.

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