How to connect a Progress 4GL with a .Net web service using

Posted by sjaka80 on 21-May-2018 12:07

I'm fairly new to Progress 4GL and ABL. I've been tasked to connect a Progress ABL program with a .Net web service. This web service will work as an intermediary between an online custom CMS and Progress 4GL database on site.

The architecture I've been told is as follows:

  1. Progress ABL programs (running on a UNIX box) working with Progress 4GL database.
  2. .Net web services (hosted on a local IIS instance). These will work as a bridge between a cloud based CMS and Progress programs.
  3. A CMS running in the cloud, will send and receive data from the .Net web services.

Progress 4GL & ABL Programs| <--> | .Net Webservices | <--> | Cloud-based CMS |

I believe this is achievable using Appserver proxies and .Net web services. I'm not sure about:

  1. Progress Appserver is running on a UNIX box while the .Net web services will be hosted on an IIS server on a Windows machine. How does these two communicate with each other?


Update: We are using Progress 10.1

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 21-May-2018 12:54

It appears that you want to call a web service from the ABL.  Check into the bprowsdldoc command line utility as it will take a wsdl (file or url) and generate the ABL code needed to call it.
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Posted by sjaka80 on 21-May-2018 13:23

Thanks Brian for your prompt response. My understanding is that the .Net web service will be using Progress Appserver and proxy files generated by ProxyGen to send data to Progress and get data back.

Posted by AdrianJones on 22-May-2018 05:26

10.1 is old. when you get this working , depending on how often you hit the web service you might want to check for memory leaks as we had issues (10.2b) calling from ABL.

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