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Posted by Ben Holmes on 15-May-2018 14:54

has anyone created RPM for the progress install

looking to setup automated install using Jenkins and Puppet. would like to use a RPM package so a yum -install can be used.  Can this be done.

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Posted by JonathanWilson on 16-May-2018 02:01

The problem here are the control codes used as part of the installation to enable purchased features so a straight RPM isn't really a good route.  But a silent installation is a good fit, just do one install go to $DLC/install there should be response.ini.  This can be use for future automated installations.  

/install/116_base/proinst -b install/116_base/responce.ini -l /install/116_base/myInstall.log

Put this within a normal BASH script then call from Ansible.  The same can be done for the 11.6.3 Patch Bundles.

Posted by bronco on 16-May-2018 02:43

If only there was a tool to create the response.ini *without* having to install the actual thing first...

Posted by Thomas Hansen on 16-May-2018 03:18

Hey Ben,

Have you considered using Docker instead and having pre-built images where all you need is a valid progress.cfg file to use with your containers?


Posted by marian.edu on 16-May-2018 03:48

Thomas, did PSC released something already on support/licensing for docker environment? I know there were talks on the subject but I haven't seen anything official, maybe I've missed that somehow :(

Marian Edu

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Posted by Thomas Hansen on 16-May-2018 04:03

Hi Marian,

Nothing official that I am aware of. If there is I have also missed it  ;-)

Maybe they will have news on this at the conference in a few weeks.

Technically using Docker is not much of an issue - but licensing could be. So we are also very keen to find out what Progress decide on this.


Posted by marian.edu on 16-May-2018 04:28

Right, I guess if they see containers as VMs (which are not) that need to be licensed separately then 'dockerizing' and application is not that that appealing anymore :(

Have anyone played with shared memory (ipc producer/consumer) in containers? Wonder if that could work with Progress shared memory database connections, have to find time to try that sometimes :)

Marian Edu

Acorn IT 
+40 740 036 212

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