Anyone know what can cause this?

Posted by goo on 27-Apr-2018 08:04

I suddenly can't compile or run anything... I get a protrace.xxxx telling me this:

Progress OpenEdge Release 11.7 build 1497 SP02 on WINNT

Startup parameters:
-pf C:\Progress\OE117\,-cpinternal ISO8859-1,-cpstream ISO8859-1,-cpcoll Norwegian,-cpcase Basic,-d dmy,-numsep 44,-numdec 46,(end .pf),-s 200,-mmax 65534,-T c:/OpenEdge/wrk117,-assemblies E:\workspaceBAFO\BAFO\assemblies11.3,-db rapport,-H,-S 2016,-db bafo,-H,-S 2015,-db arkiv,-H,-S 2025,-debugalert,-rereadnolock,-inp 16000,-tok 4000,-nosplash,-p C:\Progress\OE117\oeide\eclipse\plugins\com.openedge.pdt.debug.core_11.7.2.00\abl\_debuglauncher.p

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
Fault address: 700CDE13 01:0000CE13 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\VCRUNTIME140.dll

SS:ESP:002B:0078DF00 EBP:0287BD18
DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B

Debugging dll: C:\Progress\OE117\bin\DBGHELP.DLL
Symbol Path:

Call Stack:
Address Frame
700CDE13 0078DEFC strchr+33
1031F521 0078DF10 dbut_utfIsLink+6F271
100EDE4F 0078DF14 ProStartup+AD8F
100F16BB 0078DF34 ProStartup+E5FB
1040A7FD 0078DF64 dbut_utfIsLink+15A54D

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Posted by Peter Judge on 27-Apr-2018 08:28
Posted by goo on 29-Apr-2018 14:18


It seems like the error comes from the compiler where the target is a mapped drive to a system connected using VPN.

Posted by goo on 29-Apr-2018 14:33

After trying to change the source and target, the same happens. It seems like the Compiler is the problem....

Here is application errors:

I will try to reinstall OpenEdge, to see if that helps...

Posted by Matt Gilarde on 30-Apr-2018 07:39

Be sure to put the PDB files in one of these paths after the install:


That should provide a better stack trace in the protrace file if it crashes again. The stack trace above isn't valid.

Posted by Stefan Drissen on 30-Apr-2018 07:57

Is there any reason the pdbfiles are not installed by default? In my Windows 10 x64 11.6.3 installation they take up 177 MB out of a total install size of nearly 5 GB - if I apply compression to the pdbfiles folder - since they are only needed occassionally, they take up 74 MB.

Posted by Matt Gilarde on 30-Apr-2018 08:00

I believe that installing the PDB files by default is under consideration for version 12.

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