Best practice for handling dll files

Posted by rkane on 23-Apr-2018 09:27

This is our first time dealing with custom dll files and I'm looking for some advice on best practice for handling.

Progress version 10.2B

My thought was that we would want to have a central location for storing this
first dll file and any future dll files so we would not have multiple copies
floating around. However, either that is not the best practice or I'm not
seeing how to achieve it.

The application works with the dll in the local working directory. However,
when I move it to a central directory and add -assemblies with the central
directory then I get an error that there is no assemblies.xml file. If I move
the applications assemblies.xml file to the central directory then it works
but I have a generically named assemblies.xml file preventing other applicationsfrom doing the same.

Am I missing something obvious?  Any advice?



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