What is this libddicu25.so and how do I install it on Ubuntu

Posted by hans.tsai on 12-Apr-2018 23:15


I am trying to install odbc Progress on my Ubuntu and when I try to run odbcadmin i got this error : 

./odbcadmin: error while loading shared libraries: libddicu27.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have been trying to find this lib over the net without any luck, seems it doesnt exist. Any advise please? thx.

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Posted by Tinco on 13-Apr-2018 05:59

Hi Hans,

libddicu27.so is a library that is part of the DataDirect ODBC connect product:


Are you connecting to an OpenEdge database, and if yes to which version of an OpenEdge database?

For what is the ODBC connection going to be used on the Linux machine?

Are you able to do an odbc connection when editing the odbc.ini configuration file manually?

Kind regards,


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