CHUI Data Dictionary Quick Field report in OE11.7.2: unable

Posted by mviennea on 02-Feb-2018 09:51

In the OE CHUI editor, I select Database, Reports, Quick Field and a list of all my tables comes up.

Normally, and in previous version (I just upgraded two weeks ago), if I start typing a field name, the browse follows along and highlights a selection.

This still works for all table names starting with "b" through "z".

But it doesn't work with tables starting with "a".  (it's weird!)

And if I type out the table name starting with "a" and press Enter it gives me this error:

"The entered name does not match any table name in this database."

To report on a table starting with "a", I have to arrow down to it.  But just those starting with "a".

Is this a known issue?  Is there a workaround?  Where would I report this as a bug?


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Posted by Matt Gilarde on 02-Feb-2018 10:04

I tried this is 11.7.2 and it's working for me. Can you post a screenshot?

Posted by mviennea on 02-Feb-2018 10:24


But for "b" it works:

Posted by Matt Gilarde on 02-Feb-2018 10:35

I can reproduce it now. Which version did you upgrade from?

Posted by mviennea on 02-Feb-2018 11:49


Posted by Matt Gilarde on 02-Feb-2018 12:25

I see the same behavior in 10.2B. Most of the tables starting with 'a' don't get automatically selected when I type their names. The one exception is 'ap-stat'. Very strange, but apparently this is an old bug.

The error when you type a full table name looks like a new bug.

Posted by mviennea on 02-Feb-2018 12:52

Interesting.  I can't imagine not noticing that in 10.2 - I was using it for 8+ years (and earlier versions for 24 years now).

ap-stat works for me too.  

Strangely, agree-hist works if typed out in full (it doesn't follow along as I type), and then when you go back in and "agree-hist" is still at the top, you can back arrow and remove the "-hist" and now "agree" works.  Same when I view addr-val and then go back and change it to just addr.

Checking my other "a" tables, the "attend" table works as well.

Also, if I use the RECALL key (CTRL-R), which displays the metaschema tables, then "agree" starts working again.

There appears to be a sequence of actions that allows it to work, but initially it does not.  

Where is the best place to report this?

Posted by Matt Gilarde on 02-Feb-2018 13:12

You can report it to Tech Support, either online or by calling. To set expectations, this will be a low priority issue and may not be fixed soon, if ever.

Posted by mviennea on 05-Feb-2018 08:45

Yeah, I kind of figured as much.

Thanks for the help and reassuring me that I'm not crazy!

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