How is the licensing working?

Posted by goo on 14-Dec-2017 14:34

OE11.7 Entr. database with SQL Dataserver for replication (not sure how many licenses, but let say 1200 users

3 diff. applications using 3 different databases where data is replicated to an SQL server with 3 diff. databases, these are faciliated using terminal server/citrix environment.

Appserver with 5 user agent serving another system geting some data using proxygen via WebServices call for a web application.

More or less something like that. My question is:

If  the database has 1200 users (concurrent? or is it named users?)

The appserver is handling some web applications that gets that from progress using proxygen to an AppServer process.

What kind of licensing is needed for using the AppServer (concurrent users? named users? CPU?) What choices do we have?

Where can I find info regarding this matters?

//Geir Otto 

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